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QC Kinetix offers a franchise system that allows you to open a QC Kinetix clinic in your area. With QC Kinetix’s proven success, you can expect to experience concierge-level service and professionalism from your QC Kinetix physician. The company’s founders are dedicated to creating pain-relieving therapies that will increase your patients’ overall quality of life. In fact, they are so passionate about their products that they offer opportunities for franchisees across the country. Have a look at QC Kinetix (Lowell) to get more info on this.

QC Kinetix offers advanced regenerative medical solutions for musculoskeletal pain and injury. These treatments, which use your body’s own healing ability, are a better alternative to surgery or pain-killing drugs. The procedures at QC Kinetix allow you to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle without invasive surgery. Because the procedure uses your own tissue and cells, you can avoid side effects and addiction to medication.
The regenerative medicine industry is predicted to quadruple in four years and reach $39.9 billion by 2024. The team at QC Kinetix believes that regenerative medicine has the potential to change the way we treat disease and injury. QC Kinetix offers an alternative to surgery, no more assembly line treatments, and no more waiting for insurance to approve you. The company’s corporate management company provides a platform to expand its mission and reach to new patients.
QC Kinetix’s treatments are evidence-based and effective for treating a variety of musculoskeletal pain conditions. Patients can experience pain relief and regain mobility after just a few treatments. Moreover, the treatments can last for weeks, while you can return to your normal daily activities within a few days. If you are experiencing chronic pain, this treatment is an excellent choice. You can even choose a financing option that fits your budget.
QC Kinetix has several locations throughout the United States. The company first opened its Charleston, South Carolina, location in 2017. Initial services include growth factor therapy with amniotic membrane tissue, while later the company added stem cell treatment with BMAC. The company plans to open 83 locations across the country by the end of 2021. QC Kinetix is comprised of three physician assistants and one full-time medical director.
QC Kinetix offers joint pain and back pain solutions, using advanced technology and regenerative medicine. Its QC Kinetix clinics treat non-sports-related musculoskeletal pain, as well as osteoarthritis. Additionally, they offer hip replacement alternatives, including QC knee replacement. These treatments are non-surgical and require minimal surgery. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about your options.

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QC Kinetix (Lowell)
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