Getting Botox at a Laser Medical Clinic

Are you interested in getting Botox injections? You can do so at a laser medical clinic near you. The process is very similar to getting a shot from your family doctor. You will lie down and the Botox professional will administer a series of tiny injections into the treatment area. After completing the procedure, you will be able to leave the clinic and resume your daily activities. Your doctor will likely give you instructions to prevent minor bleeding and bruising, and you should be able to return home a day or two later. You may find more details about this at Flawless Laser & Body Sculpting
A team member at our laser medical clinic will apply a cold pack to your face, then inject the Botox. The process lasts around 10 minutes and can work wonders for your face. The Botox treatment takes effect immediately and will last three to six months. After the treatment, you may experience minor bruising and redness, but these symptoms will disappear on their own. The procedure can also be performed on your own, and can be done at home or at work.
The team at Dr. Sherman’s laser medical clinic is highly experienced and certified in advanced injectables. Each member of her staff is a Master Injector. The nurses at the clinic combine over thirty years of Botox experience. They are dedicated to the safety of the patients and are committed to providing natural results. For more information, visit our website. Our laser medical clinic is conveniently located on the Upper East Side.
Botox is a protein that has medical and cosmetic uses. Not only does it help people with aging facial wrinkles, but it can also treat conditions of the nervous and muscular systems. Before opting for Botox injections, you should speak with your healthcare provider about the cost and risks. It’s a great option to combat signs of aging in a more natural way. You’ll feel younger and look better.
A consultation will focus on your specific cosmetic needs. Your physician will clean the treatment area and apply a topical anesthetic if necessary. The injections themselves usually last about five minutes. Some patients may experience local numbness or swelling and minor bruising. There are no significant side effects from Botox injections, but some patients may experience no improvement or a very slight reduction in their appearance.
Injectables can be used to smooth furrowed brows, fill in wrinkles, and revitalize facial skin. At our local laser medical clinic, we can offer Botox injections to help with these problems. You can benefit from this treatment for the ages, as well as for bruxism, migraines, and hyperhidrosis. You’ll feel better in general and be able to return to your normal activities immediately.
While the results of Botox injections won’t be seen immediately, they will last for three to six months. Follow up injections will be necessary to maintain the results. After your treatment, you can go about your normal activities. Just be sure to avoid rubbing the treated area for 24 hours. This could cause the Botox to diffuse and spread, causing temporary weakness in the surrounding areas of your face.