Information About Cold Storage Warehouse

Considering building a cold storage warehouse? Here are some tips that will help you make the most informed decision. Cost is a factor that can vary greatly, depending on many factors. Proper planning can help keep costs in check. Contact Calgary construction services if you have questions about cold storage building costs. Once you have a firm idea of what you need, you can start looking for a construction team. Make sure to work with a construction team with experience in cold storage construction. home  check over here

Construction materials and methods for cold storage warehouse construction vary greatly, depending on the desired end result. Some owners are very prescriptive, specifying material and design requirements. Others will specify a criterion for a cold storage warehouse, such as a certain square footage. For example, concrete for floor and foundation must be reinforced to withstand a higher load than usual. For these buildings, floor heating systems require higher concrete quantities to prevent bacteria.
Electricity costs are another factor to consider. A cold storage warehouse puts an extra strain on the power grid, so expect to pay a higher electric bill than usual. You’ll also need backup generation capacity to ensure the temperature is maintained throughout the building. Auxiliary power systems are also important. If you don’t already have one, consider using an existing building for cold storage. In this way, you can use the space for something else, such as a production facility.
The demand for cold storage warehouses is growing fast. It is becoming increasingly important for cold storage facilities to be located near population centers. Increasing sales of frozen goods online has made this a desirable property investment for many companies. According to CBRE, cold storage space will account for two to three percent of U.S. industrial real estate, and cold storage facilities must grow by 100 million square feet to keep up with demand.
Cold storage buildings must maintain a particular temperature range. To do this, robust insulation is essential. Leaks will increase cooling unit load, impacting power bills and exposing HVAC systems to the risk of breaking down. Several materials can be used for insulation. The materials used will vary based on their R value. Higher R values mean higher upfront costs, but better insulation. You can expect to pay more if you choose to use thicker insulation.
You should also take into account the maintenance cost when calculating the total cost of a cold storage. You should be able to determine the exact cost for each square foot of cold storage, as it will depend on the region you are in. In India, the total cost of a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse can run between $350,000 and $400 lakh. So, make sure you budget for a proper amount of money for building a cold storage warehouse.